Feel the action inside our fully customized, climate-controlled 32-foot trailer. Playboxx Live is the ultimate gaming experience delivered to your door. It is fully equipped with four 50-inch T.V.’s covering the walls of the limo-styled interior with rumble seating for the full 4D effect. There are even two 55-inch T.V.’s outside the trailer that are perfect for motion gaming — Xbox Kinect, PS3 Move, and Nintendo Wii.

Playboxx Live’s designers have equipped it with just about everything needed to have the coolest party ever! The only thing missing is you! Up to 24 players can play at the same time or against each other, with plenty of the latest games to choose from. Your party even comes with a “Game Coach” who is there to provide any instructions that may be needed and, most importantly, to ensure that everyone has the most fun ever! Parents can feel free to relax in their home (“we’ve got this”) or come have a blast with the kids. We even supply full color party invitations to get your guests pumped with excitement! So whether your guests are age 6 or 80, everyone can join in the fun.